Modern Schools Across Chicago (MSAC)

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

The Modern Schools Across Chicago (MSAC) initiative, announced in late 2006, pursues an aggressive capital program to bring new school facilities and major renovation projects online through an innovative funding strategy. With no state capital funding available for over a decade, Chicago Public Schools and the City of Chicago partnered to develop a capital program funded by both CPS General Obligation bonds and Tax Increment Financing bonds.
Through this initiative, the Public Building Commission (PBC) was given the authority to spend approximately $1 billion for the planning, design and construction of 19 projects. 14 projects are already complete, and five projects are currently under development. To date, twelve new schools two high schools and 10 elementary schools -- and one renovation have been opened by the PBC in neighborhoods throughout the City of Chicago.
In the implementation of the MSAC program, the PBC brought forth unique design elements and environmentally sustainable design strategies that focus on the adaptability of prototypical designs to these individual communities and students. Further, because of the prototype design, each school is designed as a community center with evening and weekend access to the athletic wing (pool and gym) and the library/media center, while the classrooms are locked off and secure.

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Chicago Public Schools
  • DeStefano & Partners and John Ronan Architects (Joint Venture)
  • Schroeder Murchie Niemiec Gazda-Auskalnis
  • Schroeder Murchie Niemiec Gazda-Auskalnis
Chicago, IL