Reconstruct Rail Station, Wilson-Red Line

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

Located in the Uptown Square Historic District, the existing Wilson Station is in dire need of reconstruction. The proposed Wilson/ Red Line reconstruction project included the complete exterior restoration of the Gerber Building (built in 1922), realignment of four tracks, construction of two island platforms, and construction of a new modern accessible station on the south side of Wilson Street. Restoration of the Gerber building included re-establishment of the historic station entry at the corner of Broadway and Wilson. Along with its intricately-detailed arched parapet and period clock, the restored entry would reprise its role as a landmark for the community.

Design challenges included making the station an inviting place for riders with improved passenger flow, accessibility, way-finding and security, devising phased implementation to minimize service interruption, and unifying the historic north entrance with a new modern, fully-accessible south entrance. Curvilinear canopies float above the platforms symbolically and literally unifying the two station entrances. At street level, a curvilinear ceiling invites patrons into the station and compliments the curvilinear platform canopies which address the larger scale of the neighborhood and provide both shelter and identity to the station. Complimenting streetscape extends this invitation and strengthens the sense of place.

Architrave, Ltd.
Associate Architect
Ross Barney Architects
Chicago Transit Authority
  • Bauer-Latoza Studio
  • McDonough Associates, Inc.
  • Parsons Transportation Group
Chicago, IL