Private Residence (Illinois)

Interior Architecture Award Submission

In this 3,800 square foot renovation, rooms traditionally defined by an architectural vocabulary of classic Chicago apartments (four walls, two windows and a door) have been opened to help create coherence between spaces. Cerejeira wood, which was chosen for its subtle pattern and light color, was used throughout the apartment renovation to tie the entire composition together. In the Living Room, the fluid form of the cerejeira wood bench establishes the focal point of the space by creating a counterpoint to the translucent acrylic panels of the fireplace on the opposite wall.

Along the length of the main hallway, a light channel slopes below the ceiling plane, which connects it materially with the glass volumes at the other end of the hall. Here a self-contained glass box encloses a wooded art display and linen closet. The move helps create diagonal visual axes, which opens up the hallway and the office beyond.

Rather than relying on conventional doors to close off rooms, sliding wood panels can either seal off certain spaces, such as the den, office and master bedroom, or remain a fixed part of the architecture, enabling the apartment layout to flow freely from one space to the next.

Dirk Denison Architects
  • MBK Lighting Design
General contractor
Blackmore Construction
Chicago, IL