Goodsell Residence Addition

Interior Architecture Award Submission

The intent was to make a kind of secret addition to a charming rehabbed English brick cottage in East Village that did not affect the street presence. The result is a riff on the contemporary bungalow. To give the historic home a modern edge without producing a mess of contradictions, the architects created the illusion of the vernacular form on the outside, then eroded it with contemporary components. The roof, for instance, is steeply pitched, as expected. But instead of covering it with shingles, the team designed a surface made of industrial-looking aluminum. Another way was by using a rainscreen of weatherproof wood veneer panels to clad the sides and rear of the house. While lending a warmth and richness, the cladding also creates a clean, sleek surface and makes the building look like a big cabinet.

Where a traditional cottage would simply have a window overlooking the garden, the architects instead paired a large three-paned window with an acrylic light box that boosts the illumination. The box sits astride one of the most unusual elements of the home, a concrete hearth/window seat that bursts through the back wall, extending several feet into the garden to hold an outdoor grill.

Florian Architects
General contractor
Hi-Tec Builders
Chicago, IL