Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facility

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

The program for our un-built competition entry consisted of a 330,000 square foot main hall, a network of roadways and vehicle crossing checkpoint buildings, and a series of ancillary support buildings to accommodate the increase in border crossing activities currently housed nearby in crowded, outdated facilities. Hong Kong has proposed the site be located on 130 hectares of newly constructed land in the harbor, north of the current Hong Kong International Airport and Convention Center facilities. Guiding principles of Innovation, Creativity, Iconic Identity, Sustainability, Functionality, Buildability, and Harmony with neighboring elements governed the jurorís assessment.

The main design challenges are its massive scale, detailed program requirements for over 30 buildings, complex site circulation, and height restrictions due to nearby flight patterns.

Our solution embodies culturally significant imagery: the dragon, essence of life, in the form of its celestial breath. We utilized the dragonís form as the siteís visual and literal unifying element. Our Dragons breath will be the thousands of people passing through it. The Chinese Dragon symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity. We hope our architectonic Dragon will be viewed as a symbol of good fortune to those who experience its glory.

Myefski Architects, Inc.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong