Poly Pazhou Master Plan

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

The Poly Pazhou Master Plan establishes a framework for a vibrant and iconic destination along the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou. The Pazhou district anchors the city’s expansion to the east, and three urban parcels within the district form a triangular site for commercial development.

A nautilus-like spiral defines the organizing concept for the complex, with visual and physical links to the city’s historic pagoda. A piazza serves as the centerpiece, lined with retail, dining and a series of landscape levels that culminate in a terraced court and fountain.

Sustainable initiatives start with carefully integrated links to mass transit and pedestrian-focused circulation. Elevated gardens further provide shade, views and linked social spaces while minimizing the urban heat-island effect.

Seven buildings totaling 428,000 square meters encircle the piazza. Bridge-like connecting facilities define the perimeter and link the complex, maximizing views and creating unique gathering spaces. These elevated structures form gateways that lend an overall permeability for access and breezes to and from the adjacent river and canal.

A landmark tower is positioned for maximum visibility and presence. The tower further serves as the pinnacle for the ascending spiral of building heights that define the singular urban gesture for the complex.

Goettsch Partners
China Poly Group Corporation
Guangzhou, N/A