The Silken Tent Spa

Interior Architecture Award Submission

Silken Tent Spa is a 10,500 square foot luxury wellness spa focusing on healthy aging, spirituality, and personal growth. The challenge was to create a sustainable and transformative space that transports North Shore women out of their daily lives.

The concept takes inspiration from Hy Hirsch’s photograph of fishing nets over the ocean. It shows everyday objects encountered in new ways that subtly re-order perception. Similarly, a long hallway transitions from the retail and reception areas back to the treatment areas. On the floor, the mesquite blocks were applied and finished like a regular floor. On the walls, they were hand cut and field applied at different thicknesses. This simple craft oriented fabrication mirror’s the client’s desire for environmental responsibility and simplicity. Glass panels are installed to float over the heavy wood mass and attain an ethereal quality diametrically opposed to the tactility of the wood wall. The juxtaposition of the simple elements creates the opportunity for transformative personal experiences.

von Weise Associates
Sherri Stewart and Tiffany Cannon
  • CCJM Engineers
General contractor
Norcon Inc.
Glenview, Illinois