Newark Visitors Center

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

This proposal for a Visitor’s Center expands traditional program functions to mend Newark’s socioeconomic divisions and financial woes by stimulating cross-cultural engagement. The project establishes a local precedent for urban revitalization affording civic, cultural, and fiscal relevance to the City’s transient and permanent populations. Poised at the edge of downtown, Penn Station, and the Ironbound neighborhood, two derelict city blocks are repurposed to weave the following program into the fabric of the city:

+ subterranean parking (with public park above)
+ big box retail
+ local enterprise retail with mixed-income housing above
+ meeting, gallery, and outdoor market/festival space
+ adult education & wellness
+ public transportation access
+ visitor’s center

A modular canopy integrating sustainable energy and passive air-filtration systems creates a unifying design element linking the Visitor’s Center to the rest of the program while symbolizing the coalescence of Newark’s diverse populations in a unified vision for the future.

von Weise Associates
AIA Newark Design Competition
Newark, New Jersey