Interior Architecture Award Submission

Foodlife is a 14,000 SF multi-restaurant eatery, located on a mezzanine of a mixed use, high-rise building on Michigan Avenue. Over twenty years of heavy use, and several disparate, partial remodels had resulted in visually cluttered space. An abundance of hard surfaces and lack of acoustic insulation made it aurally cluttered as well. A more unified and comfortable space, that would be easier to navigate was needed. And the space had to completely re-imagined while remaining open, necessitating a multi-phase design & construction process.

Each new kiosk have a simple, clean character, with clear graphics, and an emphasis on the presentation of the menu items. A consistency of finish quality and geometry integrates the overall space, including drink stations, service stations, trash & recycling, while color and material distinguishes each individual kiosk.

Acoustic panels create a rhythmic pattern across the ceiling, as vertical baffles and horizontal planes, changing in relation to various seating groups, and negotiating the numerous building ducts that criss-cross the space.

Distinct seating areas are framed by partial-height, etched glass walls with a dynamic pattern similar to the acoustic panels. It provides a sense of privacy yet maintains the continuity of the overall space.

Dirk Denison Architects
Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants
  • Anne Kustner Lighting Design Ltd.
  • Building Engineering Systems
General contractor
Kern Konstruction An Illinois Corporation
Chicago, Illinois