New World Headquarters

Interior Architecture Award Submission

For inspiration the design team sought to create an environment that reflected the company’s business within the context of horizons and the sky.

To create a sense of openness, the experience begins within a dramatic, enclosed elevator lobby. One leaves the confines of the elevator lobby into the panoramic, natural light-filled reception space for a grand sense of arrival. The white marble floor with imbedded glass accents, polished stainless steel reflective base throughout and the strong horizontal elements express an inviting, expansive space. The luminous whites and light grays merge with the sky beyond the window, while the reception desk and screen beyond act as a geometric abstraction of clouds. Nearby, a glass stair ascends around a towering enclosure of white light.

Looking back, one sees the asymmetrical ellipse encapsulating the core elements. This curved fuselage was created off-site by means of a ship building technique to ensure quality and allow for the most precise, smooth metallic finish. Framing the ellipse, backlit glass panels with varying color gradients translate the sky at moments of dawn or dusk, further continuing the concept of a workplace set in the sky.

Cannon Design
General contractor
Clune Construction Company
Chicago, Illinois