Next Generation Gaming Resort

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

This luxurious $3 Billion Resort would have featured approximately 3,000 hotel suites (5-star luxury, club and resort), along with a significant amount of convention and meeting room space, high end retail shops, and a large entertainment venue.

Choice Becomes Architecture.
This project presented a paradigm shift in which common practice was challenged. It's a revolution, a transformation, a metamorphosis of a resort’s development and implementation. This resort was designed to respond to the clientele as much as it was imagined to inspire reaction from those experiencing the architecture.

The Concept: Expect a Miracle.
This project maximized the opportunity for excitement and variable experiences by providing accessible, controllable, affectable environment.

Littlewood’s Law: a mathemetician’s miscellany:
You can expect a miracle every thirty-five days. A miracle is defined as an extraordinary event of special significance at a frequency of one in a million A human is alert for eight hours a day, while alert she/he can experience one thing per second : Over 1,008,000 encounters in 35 days.

Can architecture increase opportunity for the miraculous? Yes.
By focusing on the experience of the space/place the architecture will have millions of many extraordinary moments.

4240 Architecture
Associate Architect
Bergman, Walls & Associates, Ltd. (Podium & Garages AOR)
  • ABA (Avery Brooks & Associates
  • Atelier 10
  • Code Consultants, Inc.
  • DeSimone Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Edwards and Kelcey
  • Flack & Kurtz
  • Front, Inc.
  • HKA Elevator Consulting, Inc.
  • Paulus, Sokolowski& Sartor, LLC/ KeySpan
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
Atlantic City, New Jersey