Financial Studio Expansion

Interior Architecture Award Submission

The project is an expansion to a financial studio in the landmark Tree Studios facility. Both the original build-out and this expansion take cues the arts and crafts movement’s strong vertical and horizontal lines, as well as its prevalent use of natural materials.

The centerpiece of the expansion is a limestone-clad, double-sided fireplace with a glass-tile front. To one side of the fireplace is a café and the reverse has a casual seating area. The furniture in the lounge, custom-designed by the team, is moveable and can easily be reconfigured. Two custom screens flank either side of the lounge, providing storage credenzas while creating a separation between lounge and focused work areas. A cove ceiling creates a more intimate scale as one moves into the work areas. The horizontal form of the screens is echoed in the framing of the glazed office fronts, again alluding to the juxtaposition of horizontal and vertical within the arts and crafts movement.

Overall the space communicates a message of high-quality and craft in keeping with the financial studio’s personal, tailored approach to its clients. One does not feel that one is in an office so much as within the comfort of a residence.

Cannon Design
Metropolitan Capital Bank
Chicago, Illinois