Perimeter City

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

The project site is along the 5th ring of Beijing, a suburban landscape dotted by houses and small factories. The project however is urban in nature consisting of radically diverse uses similar to an organically evolved city. The mixed-use program includes elements of live, work and play and aims to stimulate the region significantly, laying the foundation for a new city.

A superscaled theme park centrally anchors the site. A 200-key hotel, fashion exhibition hall with runway and offices, residential towers, multi-screen cineplex and elevated city park are woven along the site’s perimeter, engaging the theme park occasionally through views and strategically shared program.

Similarities of function, adjacencies and scale were drawn between the European piazza and the central theme park, both of which are programmed voids. Piazza delle Erbe in Verona, Italy is used to illustrate the design principles paralleled in our project to create an experiential urban fabric in hopes of promoting evolutionary and organic future growth.

RTKL Associates
Beijing, Pingfang, Beijing