Bucktown Three

Interior Architecture Award Submission

Unwavering Band(s) of Light

For this residence, light, transparency and continued spacial flow was vital.

The clients were looking for a solution that provided a light filled urban retreat that could display their collection of modern furnishings and large art prints.

The solution was to create open, fluid interior spaces, both horizontally and vertically and then to wrap it all in white masonry. This white veil is scored with window bands that allow abundant natural light, yet provide privacy.

The white interior is strengthened by the sharp contrast of the ebony stained wood flooring throughout the main levels, while the lower level further emphasizes the white finishes with the use of a reflective pure white epoxy coated floor. The white and black backdrops serve well in making the furnishings and artwork stand out as well as the subtle orange theme throughout the residence.

The natural lit interiors are additionally fed by a central glass clad steel staircase. The glass panels wrapping the stairs are both clear and opaque to again maintain privacy but allow natural light.

The interiors are carried out to the surrounding exterior landscapes, blurring the boundaries between the interiors and rare urban gardens.

Studio Dwell Architects
  • Chicago Specialty Gardens
  • Louis Shell Structures
General contractor
Stedl Construction & Development
Chicago, Illinois