Law Firm Headquarters Winner

Interior Architecture Award, Honor Award

The logic of fiscal and environmental longevity, exceptional performance and adaptability guided every design decision for this law office interior. Flexible solutions were integrated throughout the office, including custom-designed furnishings that support constant reconfiguration and pivoting doors that allow rooms to open into one another. Visual and acoustic privacy for offices, access to natural light, and optimal uses of technology were also incorporated. The employee-centric design includes a two-story conference center that takes full advantage of unobstructed riverfront views, and a terrace that provides a unique location for informal and social interaction. To attract new hires and retain talent, designers created this law office space to inspire and excite the people who work there. Fitness facilities and a full-scale cafeteria improve the work environment and create a sense of community for employees. An art program takes an innovative approach to the intersection of art and architecture. A sculpture by Spencer Finch lights the reception area, while large-scale sculptures in the conference center take advantage of high ceilings and expansive spaces. A series of interactive sculptures by Richard Hunt and Corrine Peterson draw visitors and employees from the conference center onto the outdoor terrace.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
  • HERO, INc.
  • Hilderbrandt Baker Robbins
  • Kroll Schiff & Associates
  • Linda Warren Gallery
  • Romano Gatland Food Service
  • Schuler Shook, Inc.
  • Talaske
  • The Rise Group, LLC
  • Waveguide
  • WMA Consulting Engineers, Ltd
General contractor
Clune Construction Company
Chicago, Illinois