Adler School of Professional Psychology New Campus

Interior Architecture Award Submission

As the Adler School of Professional Psychology sought to become a leading academic institution in the promotion of healthy communities and social justice, it required a new environment to support its goals. A focus on the evolving communities Adler serves, refinement of the school's curriculum, a desire to update Adler's external image and the ability to address future student and faculty needs all informed the strategic planning process. Most importantly, Adler's values of collaboration, interactive learning opportunities, technology-based teaching and a strong sense of school community became design drivers for the facility.

After investigating several buildings in downtown Chicago, Adler and the design team selected and then transformed two floors of an early 20th department store into a 100,000 sf third millennium, sustainable, urban campus. The transformation promotes collaborative learning through transparency in material selection, diversity in size and agile learning spaces throughout the urban campus. The design successfully balances academic and community spaces, creates student and faculty collaboration areas, enhances a technology-based pedagogy and celebrates the spirit of Adler.

Cannon Design
Adler School of Professional Psychology
General contractor
Leopardo Companies
Chicago, Illinois