Panduit Headquarters

Distinguished Building Award Submission

A primary reason for Panduit’s move to this new headquarters building (and corporate campus) was to meld its physical space with its mission as a state-of-the art, high-tech company. It wanted its “space” to impart that kind of techno-edge and attention to efficiency while also giving employees a more inspiring place to work.

And so, the use of innovative building technology was as much a design strategy as it was an engineering choice. There is an under floor air system here, a high-tech security system and abundant daylighting—all of which are connected and managed through smart building technology. The language of the building itself— the blackness of it, the tautness of it—was inspired by the high-tech products that Panduit makes.

We pushed the smartness of the building into the realm of higher sustainability (LEED Gold is currently being pursued), which also influenced design decisions. Reclaimed materials, for instance, were used throughout the building. Among them reclaimed redwood, which was used on the façade along with glass, black granite and aluminum. And nearly half of the site (some 25 acres) will not be developed but instead devoted to ecological restoration.

General contractor
Power Construction
Tinley Park, IL