NYU Stern Concourse Project

Interior Architecture Award Submission

NYU’s Stern School of Business aimed to renovate its undergraduate upper and lower concourse spaces, modernize building lobbies, and visually express its brand—creating connections between the graduate and undergraduate communities.

The design emphasizes connectedness, transparency and light by reconfiguring the space and reclaiming underutilized underground spaces. The concourses were transformed into a state-of-the art center punctuated with light-filled corridors and interactive gathering spaces. New features include a three-story atrium, dramatic central glass stair, and skylights, which bring light into the below-ground concourses.

Supporting the new space was a bold brand strategy, imagery and communications system expressing NYU | Stern’s cultural attributes and fostering a vibrant academic community. Energetic environmental graphics position Stern as a global hub for knowledge in the heart of the city— differentiating its diverse mix of programs, students and activities from competitors and allowing the school to emerge as a destination for exploration and collaboration.

Associate Architect
New York Univerisity
General contractor
Art Guild, Inc.
New York, New york