Gallery House in the Village

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The owner is a retired New York graphic designer who moved back to the former Michigan lumber town where he spent summers as a boy. He needed a small house for himself and a guest. The main space was to be a gallery with disply space for past and continuing artwork and plentiful storage. Beyond that he asked only that he be able to see the sun rise from the kitchen and set from his bedroom.

The house is designed to be seneitive in scale and materials to older houses in the historic village. The master plan reflects the owners desire for privacy. The house is placed back on the lot;the bedroom wing and garage form a courtyard with minimal fenestration and a "green" wall on the garage. Rear facades open up to the borrowed lanmdscape of a village park.

Of primary concern was the introduction of light into the gallery space; wall space needed to be maximized for display. Therefore maximum fenestration occurs at the corners. The resulting diagonal views make the spaces seem larger. This theme is repeated in other rooms with wrap-around windows in the kitchen an privacy-enhancing corner windows in the bedrooms.

Weese Langley Weese
Tim Lewis
General contractor
Hecht Builders
Empire, Michigan