LYRA Mixed-use, Transit Oriented Development

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

A design competition finalist, Lyra was created as a landmark project to revitalize downtown Oak Park. This transit-oriented mixed-use town center proposes to link historic Lake Street to the north and the Holley Court parking garage with the Metra and CTA “L” stations to the south, while providing a pedestrian-friendly alternative to Harlem Avenue to its west. The project acts as an anchor to the business and medical office district, and contains apartments, a hotel, a children’s museum, parking, a transit/visitors center, medical offices and retail space.

A gently curving metal screen, illuminated with ever-changing subtly-colored effects creates a new skyline signature for the downtown. This form gestures skyward to the project’s namesake constellation Lyra, which appears directly overhead in the summer months.

At the street level, walkways wind through glassy structures that preserve the traditional street patterns and are carefully fit to their historical context. A new street along the west edge resolves traffic flows and enhances the streetscape of the transit area. The green roof above Lake Street provides outdoor space for the hotel and residents, and is accessible to the public.

This concept explores the sensitive integration of efficient, high-density uses into transit-rich, walkable historic contexts.

Legat Architects, Inc.
Mid America Development Partners, LLC
  • Hitchcock Design Group
Oak Park, Illinois