East St. Louis Transit Corridor Communities

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

The East St. Louis Transit Corridor Communities plan addresses the many challenges faced by East St. Louis, Illinois– a former manufacturing city that has lost 2/3 of its population since 1950 and facing the many challenges associated with shrinking cities. Infrastructure management issues, large amounts of vacant land, and depopulated neighborhoods have severely affected the City’s livability. Suffering from one of the highest crime rates in the country, there is a crucial need for safe neighborhoods.

The plan addresses these issues with three new master planned developments that strategically spur sustainable, mixed use, and walkable development along the City’s regional light rail transit corridor. Using architecture and urban design to shape the neighborhoods, housing types build community with elements like porches and shared spaces that interact with the street. The three developments contain a mix of housing choices for a range of residents from seniors to families. New public amenities integrated within each neighborhood include community centers, farmers markets, and playgrounds. The development takes advantage of the dramatic St. Louis skyline to the west, creating panoramic views for residents. Sustainability is the base of the design process, with LEED-NC certified buildings and a LEED-ND community currently under construction.

Farr Associates
East St. Louis Housing Authority
East St. Louis, Illinois