Mumford Hall Conversion

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The Mumford Hall Conversion transforms a cloistered dormitory building and expands the dining hall into an open, communal center for the Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training. The program includes modernizing all apartment units, making the building fully accessible, and developing the dining area to accommodate large groups of cadets, their families and guests.

The modest budget necessitates elevating the quality of space with simple building elements – form, light, and color. Channel glass diffuses direct sunlight and is animated by the silhouette of people walking behind. Skylights allow shafts of daylight to punctuate the diffuse northern light. L-shaped apartment walls stop short to maximize access to daylight and have an accent color giving each unit a unique identity. Lounge seating in the dining hall addition overlooks the quadrangle providing a casual meeting place at the campus center.

The LEED Certified project utilizes cost effective strategies such as superior insulation, daylighting, LED lighting, and efficient mechanical systems that provide significant energy savings at a modest cost.

Harding Partners
  • Building Engineering Systems
  • C.E. Anderson and Associates
General contractor
W.B. Olson Inc.
Chicago, Illinois