Abu Dhabi Art Park

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

The Abu Dhabi Art Park is a project to develop a prime site on Abu Dhabi’s canal. To meet a growing demand for arts education and presentation in Abu Dhabi, the Tourism Development and Investment Company sought a program of art schools, performance and exhibit venues in a sculpture park setting. To provide increased draw and revenue, the program included food and beverage outlets and a 400-guestroom hotel with conference center.
Visitor circulation is served by one arrival point, and moves through arcaded streets and exterior paths shaded by plantings and sculptural elements. The site is sculpted with landforms planted with native and adaptive planting to create a variety of compelling spatial experiences and locations for public sculpture. Plazas and amphitheaters accommodate spontaneous gatherings as well as programmed events. A ‘boardwalk’ at the water’s edge meanders among art galleries and cafes.
The hotel structures are configured to create modulated spaces to complement the Art Park experience. Intimate dining plazas overlook the sculpture park. A secluded leisure area includes several informal swimming pools and a bathing beach.
Parking and building services are below Grade level, and accessed by a remote location on the site.

GREC Architects
  • Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architecture
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi