Xi'an City Gateway

Distinguished Building Award Submission

Xi’an City Gateway is a two-phased, five-building complex composed of government and speculative offices, restaurants, auditoriums, and exposition facilities. The 365,000-square-meter complex is located in a new development zone outside the historic city center and provides Xi’an with world-class facilities that enable future commercial growth.

Envisioned as a radiating series of buildings stretching into the surrounding context, the complex is organized as four symmetrically located towers anchored by a central auditorium and exposition center. This composition respects the strong axis of the adjoining sites and provides a monumentality befitting a government-related facility.

Timeless materials of stone, glass and stainless steel wrap the buildings while, internally, each of the four towers is connected to the auditorium building through a series of glass links. This interconnectivity allows occupants to participate in the auditorium building and tower amenities as a community instead of simply as isolated structures.

Designed to embrace the community it serves and symbolize future aspirations, Xi’an City Gateway architecturally expresses the ideals of transparency, openness and community—as well as the balance of commerce and government—through its planning, massing and design. The project renews the ambitions of this remote Chinese city and provides a solid foundation for future growth.

Goettsch Partners
Associate Architect
Shanghai Xi'an Dai Huangai Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Greenland Xi'an Property Co.
  • The Institute of Architectural Design & Research, Shenzhen University
General contractor
Greenland Construction Group
Xi'an, N/A