Panama Government City Master Plan Winner

Regional & Urban Design Award, Honor Award

The Panama Government City Master Plan offers a vision for the consolidation of federal administrative offices - currently scattered throughout the city - into an urban campus at the heart of Panama City. Community-oriented and highly accessible, this plan is a departure from over-scaled, monumental government centers of the past. The mixed-use plan is forward-looking and transit oriented, thoughtfully integrated with the surrounding city. It also includes passive sustainability measures to mitigate effects of the tropical climate. Through its provision of critical government needs, the comprehensive plan addresses several citywide issues through a model of high-density city center development, bridging the former United States-controlled canal zone with the historic city. Also included is the nationís first light rail line and intermodal transit hub, along with a revitalization of the Curundu River into a community amenity and focal point of a citywide park system. Through smart planning and design, the plan provides a framework for the hopes and ideals of the Panamanian people. The Government City initiative aims to elevate the image of Panama as a center of emerging global importance while promoting civic engagement, environmental responsibility, and ensuring growth and prosperity for future generations.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Mr. Alberto Vallarino
  • Crystal CG
Panama, N/A