Moraine Valley Community College Entrance Gateway + Quadrangle Winner

Regional & Urban Design Award, Citation of Merit

The original 1963 Campus consisted of generic classroom buildings of low architectural character, that defined no central space and failed to create a Campus identity. Our charge was to design a new Science Building and Business/Conference Center, as well as the Campus Gateway and Quadrangle. The design was to create an ensemble of buildings and spaces that establish a cohesive campus environment and new image for the College.

As a commuter campus, a primary challenge was reconciling the need for easy access for automobiles and parking with the desire to create a pedestrian-friendly environment. To that end our strategy locates new buildings to form edges, creating buffers to the vehicular ring road and walls to the newly formed Quadrangle. The buildings also create intimate courtyards that serve as artful transitions to heighten the experience of walking from open parking lots to the closed Quadrangle. The courtyards compliment interior functions, allowing classrooms to spill outside, providing animated exterior spaces.

The centerpiece of the new work is the Campus Gateway. This simple structure serves as the symbolic threshold from the Community to the College. Combined with the landscaped forecourt, it functions as the stage for important College events, including concertsand graduation commencement.

Teng + Associates
Moraine Valley Community College
General contractor
IHC Construction Companies LLC
Palos Hills, Illinois