Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School

Distinguished Building Award Submission

Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School is a 900 student Elementary school in the Avondale-Irving Park neighborhood on Chicago’s northwest side. Our challenge was to design the new replacement school to conform to a small, irregularly shaped building site.

The Chicago Public Schools prototype was modified to form an edge with Milwaukee Avenue. The east facade fronts on Avers Avenue and a park which together contain the new student playground. The library is located on the third floor and is designed as a metal panel volume. The student dining center is on the first floor, with a gymnasium/assembly room above. Green roof, recycling of demolition materials, bio-swales, day-lighting, and solar louvers contribute to sustainable building features. To encourage after hours use by local community groups, the portions of the school containing public spaces were designed to be easily isolated during non-school hours. The building is designed to achieve a LEED Silver certification.

SMNG-A Architects, Ltd.
Public Building Commission of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools
General contractor
Leopardo Reyes Group
Chicago, IL