Urban Design Competition of Business Center in Shunde West Eco-Industrial Zone

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

Emphasis on working with nature, ecology, and conservation are key attributes to this plan. The Shunde Eco City design utilizes a central canal to organize the main pedestrian spine at the commercial/mixed use area/cultural area. This free form canal feature gives equal access to all areas of the site, as well as serves as a terminus element in the park.

The river's edge is a playful organic composition utilizing elliptical forms. A small marina is formed closest to the Commercial Core, allowing for recreational and commercial boat traffic. Fishing piers give the residents opportunities to experience the river, and also compliment the shapes of the park which they are an extension of. The commercial area to the North provides large open spaces adjacent to the canal for casual outdoor dining, entertainment and activities.

Canals and percolation ponds are used to enhance the stormwater management, and provide a natural filtering healthy water system. The central park feature includes an elliptical Lake, with an island, that impacts the building form on adjacent blocks. Extension of the park across the street gives a grand public space, an outdoor room defined by the architecture.

Oculus Architecture
Shunde, Foshan