Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The project is comprised of two steel and aluminum clad wings: the “dark” wing, oriented six degrees toward the West Wall in Jerusalem descends into the museum and the “light” wing, oriented toward the rising sun ascends into the education center. They come together to form the cleave, an inaccessible space that houses the centerpiece artifact, a 1934 German rail car, representing “ineffability.” Exposed piping, ducts, conduit and concrete block defines the interiors to reflect German industrialization and houses permanent exhibitions. Visitors proceed into the light building — a bright curvilinear space — that faces due east in anticipation of “a Messianic Age,” and contains exhibits detailing liberation. On the second floor, the Book of Remembrance – a memorial – is surrounded by soaring walls of etched names of Holocaust victims. A curved staircase leads to the Hall of Reflection containing 12 18”x18”x18” seats representing Israel’s 12 tribes. The use of symbolism signifies an act of defiance to those who would eliminate a particular culture and its history.

Tigerman McCurry Architects, Ltd.
Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
  • Building Technology Associates
  • Daniel Creaney Company
  • Hildebrandt|Baker Robbins
  • Hoerr Schaudt
  • JT Katrakis & Associates
  • Kirkegaard Associates
  • Layman Designs
  • Lehman Design Consultants
  • Schuler Shook
  • The Structural Shop
General contractor
Bulley and Andrews, LLC
Skokie, IL