Private Residence

Distinguished Building Award Submission

Located on a rolling and expansive site in Bannockburn, Illinois, the residence is designed as a collection pavilions systematically distributed into the landscape. When entering the site, a low wall clad in stone emerges from the landscape as an introduction to the architecture of the main building. The programmatic pavilions are collected under an undulating roof plane, visually connecting the activity of the natural landscape to the dynamic composition of the new residence.

The main entry is located between the Bedroom Suite to the north and the Living & Dining Room volumes to the South. The Entry and Service Hall interiors are designed with consistent ceiling planes at a modest height. Upon entering the Living Room, Dining Room & Master Bedroom Suite the ceiling heights expand into an elegant faceted surface, opening expansive views of the surrounding prairie landscape.

The exterior material palette is composed of a simple combination of stone, wood and glass intended to complement the trees, flowers and grasses typical of the local prairie landscape. The interior finishes (hickory, plaster, and a variety of stones) were selected for their subtle colors and textures, allowing the undulating ceiling plane to stand out as the predominant architectural feature.

Dirk Denison Architects
  • MBK Lighting Design
General contractor
Altounian Builders, Inc.
Bannockburn, Illinois