Private Residence Chicago

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The design of this single-family home maintains the townhouse urban relationship with its neighbors while exploring a sophisticated logic of materials and construction. Dynamic spatial relationships are created through overlapping materials and the layering of interior and exterior. Visual connections are created from indoor spaces and passages to garden terraces, outdoor landscaping and the adjacent park. Fine articulation and craft of a simple yet rich palette comprise restrained minimal spaces that emphasize the family’s activities, artwork and extensive fish collection in large, integrated aquariums.

The new home utilizes sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and technologies such as green roof systems, automatic shade controls, on-site rainwater retention and dispersal, Forest-Service-Certified wood, and low VOC-emission substrates. The building's products and materials inform a responsible and enduring design.

Dirk Denison Architects
  • Hoerr Landscape Architecture
General contractor
Tip Top Builders
Chicago, Illinois