Smart Museum Courtyard

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

Seeking to animate the existing public courtyard of the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago, we proposed a public landscape of varying surface “patches” that attract and support multiple programs and ambiances. Large portions of the existing paving were removed to make room for a more varied palette of indigenous grasses and assorted permeable ground cover. One of the patches is three dimensional -- it is a five foot high hill used for outdoor classes, reading, lounging, and socializing. The new quilted patch landscape attracts students, staff, and visitors to participate in a variety of cultural and ecological programs such as the creation and appreciation of art, interdisciplinary gathering, growing and harvesting edible plants, ad hoc and formal performances, bird/people watching, picnicking, sun bathing and snow sledding.

Landscape Architect
Chandra Goldsmith Landscape Architect
Smart Museum of Art - The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL