South Residence Halls and Dining Commons, The University of Chicago

Interior Architecture Award Submission

This new Residence Hall provides student rooms, as well as social and dining spaces, serving 811 residents on the south edge of campus. Eight “Houses” of 100 students each make up the complex. The project creates a feeling of community through a shared courtyard and a common design vocabulary, while providing each House with its own identity through architectural details, furnishings and color.

A two-story Living Room at the heart of each House draws the academically-focused student body together, providing a focus to encourage socialization. From balconies and bridges, the open design allows for maximum Living Room viewing, enticing students to congregate. Student Rooms are designed as modern city apartments with open living-kitchen areas and offer a variety of floor plans. The Dining Facility, including a retail café/convenience store, welcomes the larger university community and the neighborhood to further encourage interaction.

Colors are bold and uplifting, while offering the inviting warmth of a family room. The color palette of each House is unique and was inspired by a specific impressionist painting found at the Chicago Institute of Art. Materials and furnishings purposely evoke residential design, encouraging students to embrace the Hall as a beloved home.

Goody Clancy
The University of Chicago
  • Carol Naughton + Associates
  • Cosentini Associates, LLP
  • Cosentini Associates, LLP
  • KJWW Engineering
  • LeMessurier Consultants
  • Matrix Structural Engineers, Inc.
  • Mekus Tanager
  • Naomi Miller Lighting Design
  • Ricca Newmark Design
  • TMGAV, The Moore Group Audio Visual
General contractor
Chicago, Illinois