Savoy Square at Legends South

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

Robert Taylor Homes were infamous not only as the largest public housing development in the world, but also as one of the most dangerous. The CHA Plan for Transformation is a bold yet necessary move to rethink and rebuild what was a failed experiment in housing the poor. Savoy Square is the second completed phase of the new master plan for the Robert Taylor Homes site.

The new master plan re-imagines the whole State Street corridor as a sustainable community. The goal of the development is to reconnect the neighborhood into the city grid, to roughly match the surrounding 22 units/acre density and provide for a variety of subsidized, affordable and market rate housing options on each block throughout the development. Savoy Square focuses on housing, but through the larger master plan the housing connects to transportation, retail, education and recreation nodes.

The buildings intentionally use a shared aesthetic, material and color pallet so as to reestablish local identity. Overall and extensive landscape design and sustainable features help offer a solid, yet forward looking neighborhood to the community as a whole.

Landon Bone Baker Architects, Ltd.
Associate Architect
Brook Architecture, Inc.
Brinshore Michaels
  • Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc.
  • McKay Landscape Architects
  • Prism Engineering, Inc.
  • RTM & Associates
  • Virgilio & Associates
General contractor
Powers & Sons Construction Company
Chicago, Illinois