Savoy Square at Legends South Community Building

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The Savoy Square Community Building, as part of the redevelopment of Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago, forms a social center and a gateway to an affordable planned community of 500 families. The center provides leasing and management offices, maintenance space, a computer center and flexible multi-purpose community rooms. As the new community gathering space, the Savoy Square Community Building provides a local community focus that has already become a critical part of the social fabric of the new neighborhood.

The offices are located on the east end of the building with an entrance off of State Street. The community spaces have a separate lobby on 45th Street and open up onto the terrace and park to the west side building. The names on the wall and the mural in the Community Room recall the performers and energy of the original Savoy Ballroom a jazz age fixture in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. The building aims to be a model of sustainable construction and features a PV electrical system, a green roof, rain gardens, clerestory windows and solar shading fins.

Landon Bone Baker Architects, Ltd.
Brinshore Michaels
  • Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc.
  • McKay Landscape Architects
  • Prism Engineering, Inc.
  • RTM & Associates
  • Virgilio & Associates
General contractor
Powers & Sons Construction Company
Chicago, Illinois