Randolph Plaza

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

Randolph Plaza is a proposed Class A commercial office tower in Chicago’s Loop. It is located within the Randolph Street open space plan, and faces a public plaza across Franklin Street. The Grade Level lobby is designed to relate to the plaza, with a large wintergarden that features a commissioned work of public art, as well as landscaping and water features.
The lease levels are designed to optimize lease depth efficiencies, and to provide column-free corner offices. The exterior wall is floor-to-ceiling glass throughout, providing stunning city views. A two-story atrium is provided at the reception level of the mid-rise tenant.
The building is designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification, employing exemplary building energy optimization and water reclamation systems. Fuel cells provide a combined heat and power source, generating power on-site through natural gas conversion, resulting in a significant reduction of utility power demand. Heat produced as a by-product of conversion is used for heating domestic water. High-efficiency boilers heat tenant floors through the fire protection sprinkler system. Storm water and domestic grey water are harvested and treated on-site, and circulated to irrigate landscaping and to flush high-efficiency toilets and urinals, significantly reducing potable water use and storm water discharge.

GREC Architects
Chicago, IL