Anti-Cruelty Facade Renovation

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS) building was designed by Stanley Tigerman and completed in 1981. Since then, the building’s aluminum siding had deteriorated and original window system had failed allowing extensive water infiltration and disintegration of interior finishes. The façade renovation project sought to maintain the iconic forms of the original design while providing the client with a façade system with greatly improved performance and durability. ACS specifically requested a masonry solution because of maintenance issues with the previous siding, and so a terra cotta rainscreen wall system was designed to replicate the horizontality of the original façade. Another problem with the original design was the high sun absorption through the east windows which open into the dog and cat viewing areas. A sun screen system executed in terra cotta was engineered using computer shading models which corrects the problem without interior shades, and the vertical rail detailing system developed allowed for placement of exterior banners which heighten ACS’s street presence. A landscaped green screen trellis was added to the roof to screen the mechanical units from street view.

Interactive Design Eight Architects (IDEA)
  • Halvorson and Partners
  • Jacobs/Ryan Associates
General contractor
Pepper Construction
Chicago, IL