Ravinia Festival New Dining Pavilion

Distinguished Building Award Submission

Ravinia festival features well-manicured lawns, mature trees, sculptures and facilities dedicated to the enjoyment of music from classical to pop. As part of a tradition developed over 100 years, family and friends gather prior to an event to relax, socialize and partake in fine cuisine and drink. The new Dining Pavilion occupies the exact site of the previous and much smaller restaurant building. Because of its larger size, the new Pavilion’s mass is broken down into smaller scale components that are also heavily articulated and layered. The exterior of the Pavilion is clad in wood in order to make it a friendly background that comfortably fits into the natural setting of the festival park. Furthermore, the façade facing the park is predominantly floor-to-ceiling glass in order to provide extensive views of the beautiful landscape and festival activities from within the building.

Lohan Anderson, LLC
  • Halvorson & Partners
General contractor
WB Olson
Highland Park, IL