VOA Associates Incorporated

Interior Architecture Award Submission

On the floor that inspired architect Daniel Burnham, an idea factory was created, allowing employees to thrive, work and create. By eliminating executive offices and keeping the perimeter accessible to lakefront and city views, a universal, egalitarian work space was born.

In addition to maximizing natural light, all design in the LEED Silver space features our commitment to environmental and sustainable responsibility. The floor plan placed primary function areas strategically adjacent to expansive windows for a reduction in energy use. An open interior stair spanning two levels increases connectivity between studios and encourages occupants to take stairs rather than the elevator. Recyclable materials and stained MDF hard surface millwork were used, eschewing plastic laminates. Floors used cork and high recycled content carpet; walls were painted using low VOC alternatives with bamboo and cork accents.

Open work stations and large teaming areas for collaboration reinvent how architects and designers work. Teaming areas extend from workstations allowing models, mock-ups, vision boards, art and collaboration to immerse project teams, surrounding them with flexible space and encouraging designers to think, feel and create. Thoughts of “how we work” with “outcome” changed the emphasis of design to highlight process rather than the end result.

VOA Associates Incorporated
VOA Associates Incorporated
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