Vernon Crawley Science Center

Interior Architecture Award Submission

The Vernon Crawley Science Center consolidates the Sciences programs into a single building with labs, classrooms and offices. The plan is organized to express program space types as discrete volumes clustered around the core. Two special program spaces - the Hybrid Science Lab and the Student Group Study Room - are articulated as “Jewel Boxes” on the façade, and provide both a visual beacon to the community beyond, as well as a perch from which to see and be seen from the Quad.

Corridors are conceived as indoor streets that connect neighborhoods of labs, offices and classrooms, focusing activity and creating opportunity for interaction. Being a commuter campus, students need places to hang out between classes. To that end, break-out spaces are located horizontally and vertically along these streets, and two-story spaces provide visual connectivity throughout. Curriculum-focused murals developed in collaboration with faculty create color and identity for the neighborhoods.

Expanses of glass express shared-use spaces, while punched windows express offices and classrooms. The graphic brick/window pattern suggests the randomness of unexplained phenomena and the role of science in finding order therein. Glass fritting carries the same pattern, expressing the movement of circulation within, while reducing solar loads.

Teng + Associates
  • DDA
General contractor
IHC Construction Companies LLC
Palos Hills, Illinois