Kennedy King College

Regional & Urban Design Award Submission

Kennedy-King College, situated in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, is an entirely new community college campus. The latest addition to the City Colleges of Chicago network offers coursework in a broad range of disciplines while it reinvigorates a struggling business district.

The campus replaced a failing vintage commercial strip isolated by a traffic bypass. The master plan located the program in six distinct buildings, allowing the reconstruction of Englewood’s original street grid. This traditional urban gesture has slowed vehicular traffic through the neighborhood and facilitated pedestrian traffic between buildings.

The primary campus street intersection at 63rd and Halsted was chosen as the site of the campus bookstore and a restaurant and bakery supported by Kennedy-King College’s renowned Washburne Culinary Institute. The KKC Theater, WKKC radio station and WYCC Channel 20, the television station of the City Colleges of Chicago, are also located near this intersection to generate interest in the neighborhood.

An elevated Green Line train station and local buses bring commuters to the center of the campus. Here building blocks are grouped around an inviting green rectangle of grass and trees punctuated by a clock tower, creating a new landmark for the College and the Englewood neighborhood.

Kennedy King Architects, LLC c/o VOA
  • Hugh Lighting Design
  • Innovative Aquatic Design
  • Matrix Engineering Corporation
  • Primera Engineers Ltd.
  • Schuler Shook Inc.
  • Shen, Milsom and Wilke
  • Terra Engineering, Ltd.
  • Thornton-Tomasetti
  • Wolff-Clements
General contractor
Chicago, IL