Financial Firm

Interior Architecture Award Submission

The design for this corporate office features a welcoming two-story reception lobby with a monumental stair connecting two floors. The material palette, featuring wood and natural stone, is used simply and detailed elegantly for maximum beauty. Office fronts incorporate glass to allow natural light to filter deep into the interior workstation clusters. The glass also provides all occupants views to the spectacular Chicago skyline.

The 2 story Reception volume is experienced when crossing this axis. It is at the heart of the plan and provides an explosion of space. While the curved red sofas welcome guests, the training room is the color counterpart; the yellow chairs enliven that space and beckon employees.

The ceiling is articulated on module and defines circulation, while low elements conceal main ducts. Downlights reinforce the module while the indirect lighting creates the perception of volume.

Art opportunities were created in the relief of the wood paneling. The layering of the Art within the niche flanked by the wood elements creates a larger expression. The Art relates to the Architecture and the Architecture embraces the Art.

Teng + Assoicates
General contractor
Leopardo Companies, Inc
Chicago, Illinois