The S-TOWER Winner

Unbuilt Design Award, Special Recognition

The S-tower is the result of a critical rethinking of the supertall building as a commercial exploration of the outermost limits of structural and engineering systems design, but as an integrated whole that intelligently engages the natural environment. Designed for erection at increased speed through the use of an innovative structural system not reliant upon columns or outriggers, it instead utilizes a continuous, tapered core supporting cantilevered floors. The resulting interior vertical void harnesses the "stack effect" and facilitates vertical staff movement and the creation of informal employee work areas.

Office floors enjoy expansive views through a double wall enclosure, with high tapering ceilings defined by the cantilever that visually expands the office space outwards. Designed to achieve a LEED Gold rating with a 50% baseline energy savings, the uppermost levels of the tower harness alternative energy sources including vertical axis wind turbines and solar arrays. The high performance design integrates a water recovery and conservation system, heat recovery, temperature transitional spaces, a building form that minimizes solar exposure, high performance facades, and efficient exterior shading using photovoltaic panels.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
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Seoul, N/A