Deublin Manufacturing Facility

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The new 150,000 square foot facility for Deublin, an American engineering company based in Waukegan, IL, is headquarters for Asian Operations.

The central focus is a manufacturing and assembly hall. A long span vault, designed for maximum flexibility through reduction of structure and integration of mechanical systems. Integration of all office, training and manufacturing areas highlights Deublinís non-hierarchical approach. All employees are treated as equally important in this egalitarian workspace. Natural lighting and expansive views of surrounding parks and mountains can be experienced within the facility, including the manufacturing floor.

Deublinís architecture expresses the nature of the companyís product: stability is illustrated as a flexible rectangular base that acts as a podium and connects to the earth. The soaring roof, the dominant expression, forms a dynamic and fluid motion mirroring the inside of the facility. This form respects Chinese traditions, where base and roof shapes symbolize important parts of traditional architecture.

The facility has beautiful, landscaped outdoor spaces connected to assembly areas, for all employees to enjoy, further enhancing a humanistic approach to workplace environment.

VOA Associates Incorporated
Deublin (Dalian) Precision Rotating Unions Co., Ltd
  • Bluworld
  • Hinkle Engineering, Inc
  • Lighting Alliance
  • Nayyar and Nayyar International, Inc
  • Shenzhen Cheungshing Furniture & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd
General contractor
Dalian Construction Engineering Group, the 5th Subsidiary
Dalian, Liaoning