Interior Architecture Award Submission

Kinowerks creates magic for movie audiences. Their artists use sophisticated equipment to produce high-quality films and special effects, and they frequently work around the clock to meet challenging deadlines. The clients asked their architects to transform an aging Chicago industrial building into an inspiring, energy-efficient home for their staff.

This LEED NC Gold renovation maximizes architectural quality and user comfort, and minimizes infrastructure, equipment and energy use. Radiant-floor heat and localized fan coils minimize ductwork. In tall spaces, fans provide air movement to minimize temperature fluctuation. Exposed bowstring roof trusses support skylights with motorized shades that harvest daylight and minimize electricity consumption.

Kinowerks was also motivated to pursue sustainable strategies to simplify operations. The volume and complexity of building equipment require constant monitoring to prevent energy waste and excessive operating expenses. The project includes a user-friendly computerized management system for climate control, light and equipment control, and building security.

While these mechanical features serve the owner’s practical needs, the eye is pleased everywhere by rich colors and textures washed in natural light from above. Sustainable materials, including terrazzo with recycled content and reclaimed wood from the floor of Lake Superior, are incorporated into the colorful palette of finishes and furnishings.

VOA Associates Incorporated
  • Full Aperture Systems
  • Primavera Engineers Ltd
  • Robert L. Miller Associates
  • Sound and Vision
General contractor
W.B. Olson, Inc.
Chicago, IL