Zhifu Creative

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

Located in Shanghai, Zhifu will become the new center of China’s fashion industry; a fashion-oriented ‘city-within-a-city’. Here live/work studios and a design school interact with business and display venues, office towers, retail, exhibition halls, an apparel design museum, and two hotels, all linked with multiple circulation modes.

Weaving is an ancient art that pulls together colors, textures and materials to create a unified fabric. The ‘weave’ concept connects functions and users across topographical and sectional challenges while linking the east and west sides of the 57-acre site. The ‘heart’ of the project, the central river-park, transitions between the distinctly different use and architectural characters of the east and west. The multi-layered green roofs, landscape and circulation paths act as the ‘weft’ and the ‘warp’ of the campus fabric, both emulating and enhancing the patchwork urbanism that surrounds the site.

RTKL Associates Inc.
Shanghai, Shanghai