Distinguished Building Award Submission

The client’s attraction to Modern design is evident throughout this rectilinear composition of opaque and translucent planes. The structured views to nature provided by the inward focus of the plan and floor-to-ceiling expanses of glass give the homeowner the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature during all domestic activities.

The concrete outer walls of this U-shaped plan provide privacy and present an unassuming façade to the street. In sharp contrast, the courtyard’s exterior walls are made largely of glass. Washing the interiors with natural light and affording views to an attractive pond and landscaping in the distance, the broad expanses of glass seamlessly blend the interior and the exterior into one contiguous living space.

The kitchen equipment and casework, the courtyard’s lap pool, the furniture and the artwork all complement the taut planes of the architecture and restrained colors of the finishes. Energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment and climate and lighting control systems minimize waste and maximize comfort for the residents.

Through the clarity of its contemporary architectural expression, the incorporation of energy- and lighting-management systems, and the careful attention to detail at all scales, this home expresses an aspiration for Modern living in every aspect of daily life.

VOA Associates Incorporated
Associate Architect
Wingardh Arkitektkontor AB
name withheld on request
  • Charter Sills
  • Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects
  • Robert L. Miller Associates
  • Siebert Engineers
  • Sound & Vision
General contractor
Oscar J. Boldt Construction
Hinsdale, IL