Crabtree Farm Guesthouse

Distinguished Building Award Submission

The program was for a new guest house, including six bedrooms and living spaces distributed between a primary residence and its adjoining “bunkhouse”, connected by a central link. A stair tower with lookout rises from the bunkhouse and provides unobstructed views of the estate beyond. A stone terrace overlooks the swimming pool and its pavilion. The house is oriented along a gradually sloping east-west axis and sited between a complex of historic dairy barns to the south and a cornfield to the north. The architects sought to distinguish this modern house from S.S. Beman’s century-old complex, while simultaneously complimenting its historic form. The massing and scale of the new house is informed by the original and while it borrows Beman’s exterior stucco cladding, the use of zinc roofs and expansive steel framed openings impart a modern grammar to the composition. New landscape elements, intended to further distinguish the new complex, include hedges that define the immediate site and enclose the pool, a formal grove of plane trees that link the pool-house with the upper terrace and three shallow pools, or rills, to the north. These are set flush to the turf and reflect the expansive glazing of the north facade.

Vinci|Hamp Architects Inc.
  • Enspect Engineering, Inc.
  • IBC Engineering Services, Inc.
  • Wirtz International
General contractor
Harold O. Schulz Co., Inc.
Lake Bluff, IL