Shenzhen Yuanzhi Pioneer Park Development

Unbuilt Design Award Submission

The approach was to create a place that enhanced the connection to the public parks that surround this property. Visual consideration and direct physical links allow unimpeded pedestrian flow and continue the park system through the project.

The 7,000,000 square feet area includes commercial office, retail, residential and hotel spaces. The retail and offices accommodate a variety of users. The towers and base focus on quality public use. Interior space supports retail and family activities and outdoor space becomes a destination for public activity. The outdoor space becomes part of the public park system, enhancing the community.

The architecture expresses the power of collective form as a generator of place versus singular iconic expressions. The surrounding mountain landscape is echoed through diversity of height as the buildings step up in a synchronized arrangement. The view of the surrounding mountain parks from peak to peak is preserved. The open space becomes a “valley” between the two mountains.

The project was designed to a LEED Gold Standard focused on density, energy efficiency, communal green space and emphasis on easy pedestrian access and connection to public transportation.

VOA Associates Incorporated
Shenzhen Kezhigu Real Estate Development Company
Shenzen, Guangdong Province