Chervon International Trading Company

Special Recognition

In the lobby of a power-tool manufacturer's headquarters in China stands an asymmetrical box that, upon approach, turns out to be a circulation element; inside it is a ramp to the next level of the building. Natural light from above and a central water feature enliven the interior of the box. Its exterior cladding of metallic finishes represents the machine-tooled finishes of the manufacturer's products and complements the stone walls of the larger lobby. Jurors were drawn to the box's unusual spatial quality—the enclosure of a circulation ramp "that creates a transition sequence that was not expected," one juror said. "You walk into it and it's very transformative while you're in there."

Associate Architect
Nanjing Design Institute
Chevron Group
Peter Lindsay Schaudt Landscape Architecture, Inc. (landscape); Charter Sills (lighting)
General contractor
Cheveron Group
Nanjing, China